Upon request! NAGASHI SOMEN comes once again! 14 Feb 2020

Upon request!   NAGASHI  SOMEN comes once again!

Thank you very much for all Customers  joining us of this Event together. The Customers  enjoy self-service Japanese “Somen” in the Thai traditional “Loy Krathong” atmosphere at AVORA31

“Loy Krathong” is the full moon night of the mid luna 12th month (falling on November 22nd last year), a Thai renown traditional festival.  To Loy (float away) Krathong (basket of flowers) to water is believed to float away the bad/sinful evil and to refresh back the incoming good spirit.

We mark the festival with several “Krathongs” prepared for the Customers to be floated to the swimming pool while enjoying the NAGASHI SOMEN with a few items of light food and dessert.